Our focus is to help health centers improve their patient-centered medical care.  We accomplish this by creating flow and through the customized and specially tailored application of proven waste reduction methods.


In the extremely competitive world of manufacturing, we can help you drive improvements in lead time, throughput, labor cost, and ultimately profitability.


Our consultants have expertise in Lean principles, helping organizations achieve true operational efficiency.

About Us

Locke Consulting Group focuses on helping health centers and manufacturing companies streamline their operations for their maximum efficiency.  We base our services on thorough and detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses of your organization. We implement processes that will result not only in short-term improvement, but also improvements for decades to come. 

At Locke Consulting Group, we know that each organization is different and needs a unique approach.  We believe in the strength of proven methods such as Lean or Six Sigma, and have built our fundamental methodology on such principles. However, we customize our approach to meet the unique and specific needs of each organization.  The result is true improvement in operational efficiency, which leads to improved productivity and revenue.

Who We Are